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Difference Between LGBT Flag and Bisexual Flag

We are going to discuss the difference between the LGBT Flag and Bisexual Flag in this article. Here you go:

The LGBT Flag:

Let's know about the LGBT flag first, it is also known as the rainbow flag or the gay pride flag. Not only for the gays but the flag is a symbol of lesbian, bisexual transgender, LGBT and also the LGBT social movements. It is regarded as the symbolic flag in their history.

These communities take a great pride in representing the flag. The flag is actually not one dimensional, it is used and considered for many purposes. So the importance of this flag is understood and respected by these communities very well.

They term it as a symbol of peace in their communities. They know the importance of unity, pride and determination so all the communities show immense respect to the flag. According to them the LGBT definition is based on peace, the primary goal is to make the people of different communities united, rise determination, sympathy and faith in them to be the one.

So, this is actually the basic principles of the LGBT communities. During the LGBT right marches, the flag is considered a great symbol for the gay pride.

It is of no less importance because the LGBT flag is used worldwide now. People from different parts of the world take pride in representing different LGBT communities.

Colors of the LGBT flag:

The LGBT flag consists of many colors and that is the reason why it is called as a rainbow flag. The colors in the LGBT flag are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. All these colors are symbolic and of great importance. People from different communities take a different meaning from these colors.

It is quite interesting that all these colors look quite attractive together and the communities of the flag like them so much.

Rainbow colors as symbols of LGBT pride:

The rainbow colors are regarded as a great pride for the LGBT communities. They always discuss it during the LGBT chat that whatever combination of colors the flag is made from, it will always remain a pride for them. On their special days, they do not hesitate or feel shame in wearing those colors.

So, that is why the rainbow colors are remarkable in terms of their identification, culture and community. They all come together on spiritual events and pray for their unity and off course for the long run of the LGBT communities.

Spirit day:

The LGBT communities celebrate the spirit day on 15 October. All the people of different communities come together as a unit and wear purple. This is because they are supposed to show support and remain in favor of the LGBT youth, who are the victims of bullying.

This is the importance of celebrating a spirit day for them. As far as the spirit day is concerned, it comes from the violet stripe from the rainbow flag, and the purpose of it is to represent spirit.

Bisexual flag:

The bisexual flag is also regarded as a great importance for the bisexual communities. Different communities have different traits and such is also the case with the bisexual communities.

The bisexual flag was first designed in 1998 by Michael Page. It is also of the symbolic flag among the different communities. It consists of different colors with different meaning.

Such as the pink color in the bisexual flag represents sexual attraction to the very same sex (gay and lesbian). This is famous for them and they can take a meaning for them. Whereas on the other hand the blue color represents to the opposite sex only.

It means that it represents to the two opposite genders. So blue color is specifically importantly for them. There comes another color with another representation and it the purple one. The purple color however is slightly different from the first two. It actually represents sexual attraction to the both genders.

So, it is not that specific but important enough to be symbolic for different communities.

Bisexuality day:

The bisexuality day is also celebrated on 23 September. The members of the bisexual communities and supporters come in large numbers. This is quite a festival for them and brings a lot of joy and excitement.

They come together to have a flamboyant experience and meet different people, share their ideas, about their personal lives and many more.

However as per the bisexuality day, it is to recognize the bisexual history, from where the concept of bisexuality came at first, what are their rights? What is the difference between them and other communities? It is also held to know the importance of the bisexual communities.

They do know that the bisexual communities should not be underestimated, and they know their importance in their own way. The other notable thing of this day is to know about the bisexual culture, what the people of bisexual communities do on different festivals, what their belief is and how they believe in divine.

Their culture has so many differentiation. That is the reason why they all get together to know the importance of all the bisexual people in their lives.

Another important aspect of this day is to raise awareness of many concepts in the younger communities. They teach them to know about their values and worth. However all these communities are on a same platform and they do remind their history and values all over the world.

Bisexual+ awareness week:

There is also a specific week for the bisexual communities also known as the bisexual+ awareness week. The primary goal of this particular week is to accept the bisexual communities, to celebrate their resilience and the important aspects of the bisexual community.

It is not quite different from the bisexual day because they aim to get together in these days to learn about the bisexual meaning, their history, culture, community, the policy as well as the priorities. So this is actually the basic purpose of holding a week before the bisexual day to learn all about them.

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Difference Between LGBT Flag and Bisexual Flag

We are going to discuss the difference between the LGBT Flag and Bisexual Flag in this article. Here you go:

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